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How we’re responding to Coronavirus.

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Celebrating Our 34th Anniversary!

Since our founding in 1986, Property Management of Andover has a solid record of success in professionally managing real estate condominium communities and professional office parks. Our management team focuses on providing the highest level of property management available including financial, maintenance, and administrative services.

We have established ourselves in the Merrimack Valley and North Shore as a leader in property management, with a portfolio of 44 communities consisting of over 3800 homes and office suites. We place a strong emphasis on 24 hour availability to our property owners, with maintenance staff on-call day and evening as well as holidays.

Our team approach is also reflected in the financial stability of our communities, with the property manager working closely with the comptroller, administrative resources, and association board members to ensure fiscal responsibility.

As a leader in our community, maintaining our reputation is a top priority. We are proud of the long relationships we have established with many of our associations, some of whom have trusted in us for well over two decades. This trust has been achieved by consistently providing outstanding, timely service, with a focus on quality and integrity.

"Our first attempt at today's Super Lien"

The origins of the "Super Lien"


In 1991, Property Management of Andover sponsored the first attempt at creating the "Super Lien" legislation on Beacon Hill in Boston. The bill that would prioritize condominium and legal fees ahead of the mortgage holder's lien was well-received by the committee but ended there as the legislative year ended.

The following year, a bill was reintroduced which included "Super Lien" provisions, along with many other amendments to the existing condominium statute in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (Chapter 183A, the Condominium Act)

The bill received widespread support and passed on the last day of the legislative year.

Twenty-one years later, millions of dollars have been collected on this priority lien basis ahead on mortgage holders and thousands of condominium communities have been saved from financial disaster as a result of Property Management of Andover's introduction of the "Super Lien" legislation.

We are proud of this lifetime achievement.

House Bill

See What People Have To Say About Us

We take a lot of pride in the work we do here at Property Management of Andover. We strive for excellence and nothing less. With PMA, you're always going to get our best. It's nice to get recognized for that hard work too. Take a look at what some residents of our communities are saying:

I wanted to take a moment to compliment you and the PMA  Team for a great job responding to the tree emergency. The response was quick and professional. During these trying times, it is so important that our Residents can depend on Property Management, to be there for them when they need it the most!


From a Member of Kittredge Crossing Condominium Community of North Andover 

Property managers always on-call after hours.

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