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Carpentry, Skylight & Patio Doors Replacements:

John Gass: 603-557-3605
Allan MacLeod: 617-901-4761


Electrician/Smoke Detector Repairs/Replacements:

Crowe Electric: 978-453-6696

Interior Painting:

David Miller: 603-219-6916

Window Cleaning:

Champion Cleaning: 800-979-1911

Duct Cleaning Company:

Resident Vendor Review:

Just finally found the duct cleaning company that I used in the past. I'll tell you that when the guy showed me the vacuum bag before the job and then showed it to me at the end I was impressed. Be sure to ask for the spray in the duct, it kills bacteria and viruses. Hope it helps

Mailbox Lock Replacement/Locksmith:

Post Office Locksmith: 978-453-6616


DISCLAIMER: The above are contractors who have performed services for Property Management of Andover or were referred to us by individual homeowners who have utilized them. Property Management of Andover does not guarantee their workmanship.

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